The Luxxly Story

There once was a time when Luxxly Jewels didn’t exist, and when it didn’t, well there were a lot of problems that I wanted to fix.

So, adventurous me, wrote down these issues and decided to be bold. A few studious months later, Luxxly Jewels was formed.

The purpose of Luxxly was to be almost the exact opposite of all these other jewelry brands. I wanted this company, MY company, to be different. Different in a way that any girl who loves shiny things can be able to thrive with them.. and love how good they look on them.

The truth is, jewelry can be so freaking expensive. Not only that but to be honest it’s not cute enough. A lot of rings and necklaces look ancient and old, the colors tend to be an uglier older gold style, and the diamonds just don’t shine enough.

My goal with Luxxly is to make sure that every little girl, every adult woman, every beautiful person who likes shiny jewels can have a little piece of their own shine.

With Luxxly my goal was to make it so that when you put a ring like ours on your finger, you lavish with it, you feel unique, and most importantly, you shine.

And while those reasons were enough to start Luxxly there was one more thing I needed to really feel complete with the business. 

I needed to make my jewelry affordable for everyone.

I needed my jewelry so affordable that you could buy it with less than a $5 bill. I couldn’t be happy knowing that there are girls who want rings and cute thing and can’t afford it. 

And while this does eat my profit margins a crapload, it turns out, I don’t really care. I make small margins, but I make so many people happy and that’s what matters most.

So that’s my story, and that’s how Luxxly became Luxxly. I thank so many of you who have helped my brand become what it’s become and I can promise you we have so many more plans for the future.

- CEO of Luxxly Jewels, Arianna.